De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic
De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic
De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic
De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic
De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic

De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic

An all-natural dietary supplement that helps boost your immune system, promotes healthy digestion and reduces bloating.

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Women who take De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic experience a decrease in bloating within just 2-3 days. This leads to a visibly flatter stomach.


Most women report their tummy being flatter than it has in years. They become more regular, feel less abdominal pain and discomfort, and have more energy again.


Long-term results are amazing too! Scientific studies have shown that continued use of several months of a probiotic like De-Bloat will also help with ongoing weight loss.


An all-natural dietary supplement that helps boost your immune system, promotes healthy digestion and reduces bloating. It contains the specific strains of good bacteria your gut needs to stay balanced and healthy, especially during menopause.


For women who want drug-free relief from the symptoms of menopause, this body balancing tea blend is the perfect solution. This carefully crafted tea blend uses the highest quality natural ingredients to support women at any stage of menopause.

Relieves bloating

Balances gut health

Eases digestive issues

Boosts energy

Boosts immune system

Stops weight gain


Relieves digestive and gastrointestinal symptoms, decrease inflammation and promote healing

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Treats abdominal issues like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome and helps suppress appetite


Aids digestion, eases constipation and can help lower cholesterol. It’s also been shown to reduce allergies and boost immunity


Very effective for gut health and lowering cholesterol.Studies also show when used effectively, it can help with weight loss


Helps reduce inflammation and aid digestion while reducing bloating and constipation. It’s also been proven to boost energy


Helps gut process carbohydrates and lactose. It also helps strengthen digestion and the immune system


How do probiotics work?

The human gut is full of millions of tiny bacteria, some good and some bad. If the good and bad bacteria aren’t balanced, your gut health will suffer. Probiotics are strains of good bacteria that help balance the gut health.

How do I take De-Bloat Probiotic?

Just 1 capsule every morning. That’s it.

But the key is to keep using De-Bloat long term. Because while it’s true the ingredients will start working immediately, the more De-Bloat Probiotic is used, the better the results you’ll get!

Why should I choose De-Bloat Probiotic?

There are specific good bacteria inside the gut that process estrogen. During menopause and perimenopause, the way the body processes estrogen changes and can cause the estrobolome to become unbalanced. If the estrobolome is unbalanced, the body can’t process estrogen, causing bloating, discomfort, fatigue, and other abdominal issues. De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic For Women is formulated with the exact combination of probiotic strains that help balance the estrobolome.

Does this product contain nuts?

While we ensure that careful manufacturing practices are followed at all times, this product is manufactured and processed in a facility which may also process peanuts and tree nuts.

Does it have any other health benefits?

Yes! Major studies have shown that having balancing gut health with the use of probiotics can help boost immunity and reduce the risk of all kinds of diseases like PCOS, diabetes, and some cancers. It can also help lower cholesterol and contribute to weight loss.

De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic contains some of the most powerful positive probiotic strains for disease prevention, including Bacillus subtilus (DE111TM), Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium breve, and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. When you purchase a 3- or 6-month supply of De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic, shipping and handling is free.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We know you’re going to love De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic, but if you don’t, you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic. If you’re not satisfied, return the unused portion within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Do you ship worldwide?

At this stage, we only ship to addresses within USA and Canada.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
My Gut Is Back To Its Normal Self Along With My Bathroom Habits

Traveling can mess with my gut and my going. Eating different foods and not getting enough exercise can make my stomach feel bloated. I am glad that De-Bloat was in my mailbox when we got home from visiting my mom. After using this probiotic for 7 days, my gut is back to its normal self along with my bathroom habits.

I Feel Less Bloated Than Before

Once I went through menopause, I noticed I was getting a belly and no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away. I have days when my pants just don't fit right and are tight on my belly. It affects my anxiety when I get stressed over it. De-Bloat has helped me a lot. I feel less bloated than before. I would definitely recommend it to people to try out for themselves.

My "Foopa" (Big Stomach) Is Not As "Foopa-ish" Anymore

I've never realized weight gain was a part of dealing with menopause. So now, I thought it was just me aging and old and metabolism slowing. But if you're going through menopause, it's like 10 times worse. So, you know, we got bloating, we got irritability, we got weight gain. This is where the de-bloat comes in. If your food is digesting properly, in a timely manner, and exiting your body in a timely manner, that's gonna help with the whole functionality of everything. Not feeling so heavy, not looking so bloated either because it's not staying up in your system. It's like detox but this is not detox. This is boosting my digestive system and helping stuff move out and not sit there too long. I've been taking it for 10 days and I definitely see a diffence. I wake up in the morning and my stomach is not as pff, you know, big. My "foopa" is not as "foopa-ish". I do believe this De-Bloat definitely works so, I highly recommend it!

I Feel Better Physically And Mentally

I love pasta and cheeses, but these types of foods haven't agreed to my system over the years. After eating these types of foods, my stomach would bloat up so quickly and I became very uncomfortable physically and emotionally. Physically, I felt horrible in my clothing, emotionally I felt so frustrated that I couldn't enjoy the foods that I loved without getting feeling so uncomfortable and bloated.

Then I found this great product and after trying it for 10 consecutive days, I felt great relief. Actually, after the 3rd day, I immediately felt some relief from all the bloating issues that I had previously. My stomach started getting flatter and I didn't feel miserable after eating one of my favorite foods, and I had more energy. When you feel better physically and mentally, you can accomplish more throughout your day. Having "De-Bloat" as a part of my daily regimen has given me a more positive outlook on life.

Latosha Franks
My Belly Continued Getting Flatter And Flatter

I've been trying this product for 10 days and I'm glad I found this product because I was looking for something for bloating. And the reason why I really wanted to try this is because I was going to make a doctor's appointment to see why I was gaining some weight, extra weight in my midsection area. And then when I read this product I was like, maybe this could be good for me. So I started taking this, and let me tell you, on day three, oh my goodness, my belly started flattening out. And after those three days, it just continued getting flatter and flatter. I stopped having gas, all kinds of stuff like that. So, with that being said, it flattens your stomach, reduce bloating, stop tummy discomfort, and you feel more energized, have less gas, and you feel so much better like, it impacted me so much. I was getting ready to go the doctor, I'm telling you. I feel like, physically and emotionally, it had helped me. I recommend this product to females who may be fighting against bloating or if something's wrong with their midsection area, I recommend the De-Bloat.

Racquel Waters
I Have Energy, I Don't Feel So Heavy, My Pants Are Fitting!

I've been taking this for about 10 days, and it has helped SO much. There's a lot of foods that you used to be able to eat but, now, there's foods you eat like pizza, or a burger, or milkshake - and I get so bloated, and I feel like my food is (in my throat). So I'm like, okay, I need something that will help where I can just go on about my day and not feel so nasty and groggy and full because of what I ate.

I've been taking this and you take it once in the morning, 20 minutes before breakfast and... I've taken probiotics where my stomach is literally feeling like it's in knots, and I just feel nauseous and it just hurts... this is NOT one of those. When you take this, you take it with your regular multivitamins in the morning, take it with your coffee, whatever you do, when it's time to use the bathroom, you go regular. There's no backed up feeling, you know how like all these gas in your stomach from whatever you ate, whatever you drank, whatever... NONE of that.

I don't wake up with like this big 5-month belly anymore and I feel good! I don't feel so fatigued during the day, I feel like I have energy, I don't feel so heavy. My pants are fitting now! So definitely, definitely, definitely, I recommend this. I've only been taking it for 10 days BUT it has already made a difference. All that caffeine I thought I needed, no, I really just needed to get these stuff out of my belly, out of my digestive system so I don't feel so BLEH.